Organic Gardening

Now we all know about pests due to and I’m not referring to the neighbors. Insect pests in a garden can destroy all of your hard work. The lovely fact is that they thoroughly enjoy unhealthy plants much more than healthy ones. Make sure you send out invitations to the good bugs first, and then when the bad bugs comeā€¦..well the good bugs will eat them. I know that sounds a little harsh but we are talking about what’s best for your garden. The best way to invite organic gardeningthe good bugs in is to find out what conditions and plants they like. You can even purchase seed packs that are filled with beneficial plants that good insects are attracted to.

Finding a consultant when it comes to your garden is a great idea for the new organic gardener. Most greenhouses will have someone under their hire that is very familiar with organic gardening. It’s always best to ask a lot of questions and don’t ever feel funny going to different sources with the same question. Not everyone does things exactly the same. Another great source for finding a consultant for your garden is the internet. You can search for a consultant that could actually come to your home, check your soil and discuss with you the best options for planting. There are garden clubs, master gardeners, and botanical gardens in most areas that are filled with great information. Just talk to a lot of people who share your interest in organic gardening and you’ll be amazed at all the great ideas that will come your way!